Where to turn for support?

We have completed our first trip to Gladstone and Rockhampton – wow what an experience.

It was wonderful to see how warmly we were welcomed into these schools, the classrooms and the lives of the children.

For the children whom the team had visited previously we were able to see how they were progressing and how appreciative the staff were for the information provided, they all said how useful the resources were and how much it had made a difference to the child’s learning. For the new children we could see how important it was for us to provide some immediate feedback to the teachers and support staff and how eagerly they were waiting for our reports.

rocky 1

There have been some fantastic success stories of children who have gone on to achieve amazing feats due to the support of the staff and the ability to modify the program for the individual students using our recommendations.

The only frustration is, how can we get this information out to more schools and have the opportunity to change more lives.

rocky 2

During our time here we have managed to visit 10 students; a mixture of follow – ups and new students, we also had a new school this time so it’s great to see our name getting out there.

There is obviously a lot more to Rocky than this, we were in the lap of luxury!!! (which for me is having time to myself and not having to not cook for the family), what a great town – just not such a great road in! We will be back again in a couple of months so I will feel much more at home.

This was my first trip into north Queensland, so I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t see as much flood damage as I expected. Just a town getting on with life.

Karen Spencer – Educator – LET’S TALK Developmental Hub Outreach Team

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