What makes LET’S TALK Developmental Hub unique?

The CHI.L.D. Association, as a not-for-profit organisation plays a central role in enriching communities through our  social, educational and environmental contribution while providing support to the most vulnerable in our community.  The LET’S TALK Developmental Hub contributes to this process by providing services that are otherwise not available to individuals and organisations not only in Brisbane but throughout the state and beyond.

What make us unique are the decades of knowledge and skills that have been developed in the organisation and is made available through a variety of modes to children, their families and their support networks.  With a multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach (including speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and education) to identifying and addressing a multitude of issues for our clients we provide a service that has no counterpart in Queensland for children with a Primary Language Disorder.  Caseloads built around working with the child, their families and their support network including other medical professionals and educators.  This is the strength of the program which allows for remarkable progress for the child and a sense of community for the stakeholders involved in working with and caring for these children.  Parent’s comments often include that they no longer feel that they are in this alone and have found some answers to their questions.

This can be seen in the comments from our clients that include:

“Also, again, just a special thank you to your wonderful team for visiting us earlier in the year. Darrel and I have always known how wonderful you guys are, but now it seems the others do as well. I have only heard great reports from our school as well as our Catholic school office.”

My sons school advised me to contact you about speech therapy for my 7 year old son via Skype. I was just wanting to get some information on this service if it is available to us.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

“Just to keep you in the loop I am trying to get my daughter a placement in a school who do not run a unit as such.  I have the IQ booked and will book in for the Language Assessment in due course as the previous one completed a few years ago would not be valid today as my daughter has come a long way since that assessment and the school will need a clear understanding on her requirements, which your reports and staff do well, without causing the school “hardship”. I look forward to your assessment of my daughter and what advice you give with regards to her placement. See you next month.”

We are also in the unique position where services provided out of the hub support each other.



As a result of feedback from school staff about the professional development sessions, we make adjustments to both the presentation and the content.

LT conference

Some comments include:

Overall, did the content meet your needs?   Yes – 19/19   No – nil

Why?/Why not?

–  general information which could be adapted to all year levels

–  to the point

–  explained language disorder more in depth to me – understood what I’m looking for

–  I could identify students in my class who could be assisted with different strategies

–  support for teachers to understand SLI/PLD

–  because it was practical for classroom use

–  informative and practical

–  it helped me to understand why altering curriculum is so important for children with primary language disorders

–  good overview – I am a music teacher so I see a lot of students in a  short amount of time, but it is good to know general tips

–  highlighted language issues and gave us useful strategies for the classroom

–  good explanation and examples

–  great presented – you spoke very well

–  reminded on right path and renewed knowledge heard at a ‘prep talk’ in-service a couple of years ago.

By Tracey Langton (Head of LET’S TALK)  For further information on any of the services please contact us via phone 3891 9111 or email info@letstalk.org.au.  More information is available on the website www.letstalk.org.au

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