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These days having an iPhone or iPad is a staple part of any home or classroom. They are used for teaching, games, behaviour management ….. the list is endless. As a speech therapist I am very keen to embrace this new technology and begin using iPad’s in therapy session. However, my dilemma is what apps are good and what apps are not worth the money.

As I began my journey into the iPad world I was overwhelmed. A quick google search bought up a large number of lists and blogs and websites all endorsing different apps, but which ones to use? As I quickly discovered some of the cheap/free apps are great while others sound amazing but do not live up to the hype. Then you can move on to the more expensive apps which range from $5 – $50+ dollars. But once again some sounded great but after further investigation turned out to not be as good as they first appeared. But through trial and error I am slowly starting to build up a bank of apps which I think are useful for children with speech and language disorders. I am also aware that parents are very keen to have this information so to that end I am going to write a couple of blogs with some lists of apps which I think are good for working on a range of language goals.

So for this week I will recommend this fabulous Wh questions apps by Super Duper:wh questions 1

Wh Question Cards

This app focuses on children’s ability to answer who, what, where, when and why questions. Each question has 4 different games including Super Duper Secret Decoder, Multiple choice, Matching, and Drag ‘n Match. The range of games allows you to alter the difficulty of your task e.g. to include visual cues, only requiring receptive answers or requiring a spoken response. Each wh question set has 24 questions to choose from. You can use all or a select a couple depending on your preference. This is a great feature as some of the questions are very American and not suitable for Australian children.wh questions 2

What I also like is the price! Super Duper gives you the option of buying all questions with the pro version for $11.99. However if you are not sure this is for you download the free version which includes the ‘Who’ questions. From there you can purchase additional questions for $2.99 each.

wh questions 3

What I particularly like about this app is the number of options within the app which allows you to customize it to suit each child’s individual needs. I have used this app with a range of clients with varying difficulties and have found it not only motivating but highly successful in targeting the child individual goals. Overall, I highly recommend this app.


Judith Wright – Speech Language Pathologist

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