Using iPad apps for speech therapy: Part 2 – Vocabulary

Vocabulary development is often a goal for language therapy as children need to know words to be able to use them. Developing a child’s vocabulary is more than just getting them to name pictures. Children also need to be able to understand and describe features of objects and understand how they relate to other objects.  Here are some apps I have found which are good for vocabulary development:

  1. Category Carousel – $5.49 – great for early vocabulary development. It involves sorting objects into categories and sub categories. Categories include:
    • Animals (birds, bugs, farm, water, jungle, forest)
    • Transportation (land, water, sky)
    • Clothing (body, head, feet)vocab3
    • Food (breakfast, deserts, drinks, meat, fruit, vegetables)
    • Household (cleaning, furniture, toys, tools, bathroom, kitchen)
    • Instruments
    • Occupations
    • Summer
    • Winter
  2. Describe it! (SLP) – $5.49 – I like this one for older children. It provides children with the framework for describing objects by giving them audio clues in seven of the most important parameters for describing: taste, touch, function, sight, hearing, smell, and category. Describe it provides a “Study” section and two games to help generalize learning: “Pass It” and “Guess It”. The only negative is that it doesn’t have a reinforcement reward when children get it right. So it has to be done with an adult.vocab2.jpg
  3. What does not belong – Free first level upgrade to all levels for $1.99. Child needs to identify which picture does not belong from a choice of 5.  This is a nice free app but be warned the levels are not related to difficulty so may be tricky for younger children.vocab

Judith Wright

Speech-Language Pathologist

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