The Glenleighden Taskforce – Why We Shouldn’t Accept Funding Cuts

As you may be aware, we have recently received advice from the State Government that funding to Glenleighden will be cut by 22% in 2013. This represents a cut to our budget of over $90,000.

In response to this advice, a passionate group of parents have established The Glenleighden Task-force.

The objective of this taskforce is to lead the entire parent body of Glenleighden to help fight these unfair and discriminatory cuts to the schools budget. If we don’t fight this, then our kids may continue to be the victims of further cuts down the track. Please get behind this Taskforce and do all you can to prevent this.

The most powerful thing you can do, is send a letter to your local MP telling your story. We will be sending out a draft letter today which you can use. Please make the effort to insert your details (which should only take 5 minutes ), add your story if you wish, and send it off to your local MP. Our goal is to give them a powerful backlash to this inappropriate decision. The more parents that do this, the more effective we will be in achieving our goal.

If you need help finding out who your local MP is, or would like some assistance doing so, please email indicating your address. He will get back to you promptly with the details.

The Taskforce will be meeting at 9am on Fridays in the library. All parents are welcome and we encourage everyone to come along to hear more.

We need to ensure the State Government fully understands that we will fight and continue to fight for appropriate and fair funding for our children to have the intervention they need and deserve. If you wish to find out more send an email to


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