The Benefits of Pony Riding in Children with Primary Language Disorder

The Early Childhood and Junior School students  at The Glenleighden School attend pony riding lessons at the McIntyre Centre once a week for one semester.  Individual programs are developed by qualified instructors  for each child. Goals are achievable and challenging. After the first few ‘settling in’ lessons, parents are most welcome to attend the classes.

horse riding 2

As well as being lots of fun and one of the highlights of our school week, the riding program also provides many other positive outcomes. Skills developed are integrated into everyday activities. Three main areas of benefit for children with Primary  Language Disorder are:

  • Therapeutic
    •             Improved spatial awareness, balance, co-ordination and strength
    •              Sensory stimulation – through activity and surroundings
    •              Fine and gross motor skill development
    •              Improved eye-hand co-ordination skills P
    •              Posture improvement
    •              Increased flexibility
  •  Educational
    •              Sequencing, patterning and motor planning
    •              Develops listening skills and ability to follow instructions
    •              Encourages reading and speech through games
    •              Develops memory and concentration skills
  •  Social and Personal
    •             Builds self confidence and self esteem
    •              Encourages  independence
    •              Involves social participation with coaches, volunteers and ponies
    •              Personal challenges lead to achievement
    •              Encourages participation within friendship group

horse riding 1

Kerryn Bridgman – Teacher – The Glenleighden School

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