Strategic Projects

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    • Develop an information management system to meet the research, reporting, and communication needs of CHI.L.D.

    • Develop secure funding stream for CHI.L.D. and all its services to ensure stability and sustainability of delivery of CHI.L.D. services to answer important questions of the organisation.

    • Develop a clear identity for CHI.L.D. and PLD for effective external communication to enhance our profile.
    • Develop specific evaluation projects to determine the effectiveness of the services provided within each program to determine levels of success
    • To grow/expand services in number and location to reach and effectively help more kids and build on current services of CHI.L.D. for children with PLD to ensure greater access and knowledge (with the proviso that...we are realistic about the capacity of our current resource and those that will be required in the future).
    • Create and implement strategies to follow the progress of students who leave Glenleighden in Year 12 and who exit from the school to justify funding and demonstrate success.
    • Update the mission of CHI.L.D. Association to ensure the executive committee and staff have an agreed understanding, to more easily promulgate this mission to the external community.
    • To evaluate the health and wellbeing of the staff to monitor the success of programs.
    • Develop a Master Plan for TGS campus to realise its full capacity in the most efficient way.