Leading Research into Language Disorder

The vision for Chi.L.D. Association is to be Australia’s leader in enabling better outcomes for children and youth with primary language disorder. To achieve this outcome, it is a strategic priority to engage in research activities.

This includes:

  1. Promoting, fostering and facilitating research relating to language disorder both internally and with external partners
  2. Fostering a research & training culture within the organisation
  3. Development of a research database
  4. Supporting staff in the preparation of publications and presenting at a variety of forums

The objectives are supported by the Chi.L.D. Association’s Research Subcommittee who approve internal and external research projects, make recommendations on the allocation of human resources and finances for research, and provide regular reports to the Executive Committee.  The group meets monthly to discuss the current research needs within the organisation.

The research objectives of the organisation are being achieved by adopting two approaches; in-house Action Research activities and in collaboration with other bodies such as universities.

In-House Action Research

In-house Action Research involves staff members of Chi.L.D. Association investigating issues that they see as important to their everyday work. The outcomes of these investigations will result in changed practice spearheaded by those who conducted the investigation. Previously funded projects have investigated the frequency of mealtime difficulties at the school and a survey designed to gain feedback on outreach programs conducted by Let’s talk staff.

University Collaboration

At present, Chi.L.D. Association does not have the financial or human resources to conduct larger research projects that involve participation of persons outside of the organisation. These larger projects usually involve substantial periods of time in design, application for funding, and ethics approvals. Therefore, CHI.L.D. Association will only participate in these activities with the assistance of Universities or other like bodies. The organisation’s role would usually lie in the provision of subjects and/or data for the research activity.

To learn more about research opportunities at Chi.L.D. Association, please contact Hilary Martin (CEO), hilary.martin@childassoc.org.au.