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This week our marketing guru Bruce attended  a conference in Melbourne – Communities in Control (http://www.ourcommunity.com.au/control/control_article.jsp?articleId=5277) .

What came out of an incredibly important and successful trip was the opportunity to have our voice heard, and for Primary Language Disorder to be in the spotlight.

Through email, Facebook and Twitter, we asked all of you to vote for our ‘question’ and to have your say. The response was overwhelming with nearly 600 votes recieved in just over 24hours.

We were the second highest ranking question and were given the opportunity to have a forum with local, state and federal politicians, as well as over 600 delegates to ask why our children are falling through the gaps. While there were no quick answers, there has been a commitment to keep the ball rolling and raise the query nationally.

As a staff member of CHI.L.D, I am amazed and empowered by what OUR community can achieve when we work together towards a common goal. Please take some time to read some of the comments left by people who voted. We are all in this together:

The Question

One in fourteen children in Australia is born without the capacity to gain, understand or use language.  Without intervention they face a drastic future, so much so that 50% of youth offenders in this country have a serious oral language deficiency. Why, as a nation, are we not tackling the challenges that these children present us with?

I’s not just oral language that’s a problem. I’m not sure what the rate of functional illiteracy is among this group, but I’m sure it’s higher than 50%. These challenges need to be tackled even pre-school.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to get involved. You can still vote at www.oursay.org

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