MYSTERY SOLVED: Who’s Eating our Strawberries?

possum sprayDear Toby,

Using the photos from the camera you loaned to us we are pretty sure it is a possum eating our strawberries. We have protected the strawberries with some disgusting potions. We used a garlic potion, and a vinegar potion. We hope the possum also finds it disgusting!



This is Batman spraying garlic spray so the strawberries taste bad to the possums.




It started getting late so we quickly put the bottles over the strawberries to try and stop the possums from eating them. Thank you Everlyn, for donating the bottles.possum spray 2







After we put the potions and the bottles on the strawberries the possums still came that night. We will still need to keep a close eye on our strawberries to make sure they do not get eaten.

possum spray 3


Thank you for giving the camera to the Super Beetles.


Students: Batman (Jack), Spider Girl (Chloe), Incredible Hulk (Sam), Red Spiderman (Bill), Super Girl (Scarlett), Cat Woman (Sophie), Black Spiderman (Joshua), Ironman (Jordan), Bulldog (Drew), Get Smart (Thomas).

Teachers: Wonder Woman (Tegan), Bat Girl (Belinda), Superman (Shaun)


PS. We heard that you really like native stingless bees. The kids at The Glenleighden School also like native stingless bees. Our main beehive looks like a house! But we have lots of other beehives in trees around the school. Maybe you could come and talk to us about bees sometime.

native bees

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