My Favourite 5: Resources for Speech Therapy

Every therapist has their ‘go-to’ toys and resources for therapy sessions. There are the old faithfuls, such as stickers, bubbles and Pop Up Pirate that are always a winner. Below are my top 5 resources that I use across the day with clients of different ability levels and different target skills.

1. Fisher Price Piggy Bank – So many things I target with this: ‘same/different, colours, requesting ‘more’, big/small, open/closed, in/out, ‘not’. I also blu tack pictures to the coins of target words/sounds for motor speech/articulation therapy.

Fisher price piggy bank

The pig plays music when you put a coin in the top and the kids love pressing its nose and hearing it say’oink, oink’!

2.Wooden inset puzzle with lots of different objects – Object puzzle I’ve had great luck getting a few differentversion of this puzzle for a great price at places like Kmart. Great for little
hands and targeting things like identifying an object by its functions, not,
and naming.


3. Pig Goes Pop – The older kids, especially the boys, LOVE this pig. Basically you feed him burgers and his tummy gets fatter until he pops his jacket open. Hilarious!Pig-goes-pop-1024x844

I use him to target ‘not’, colours, requesting ‘more’, and use the numbers on the back of the burgers to say how many target words the child must say before having another go.





4. Sorting animals and bowls – Oh the possibilities!

I use them to target same/different, ‘not’, colours, prepositions (e.g. put the sheep ON the bowl) and increasing the length and complexity of instructions (e.g. put the pig in the bowl-put the Sorting bowlsFarm animal countersblue pig in the bowl-put the big blue pig in the bowl).





5. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Mailbox – The little kids really enjoy this one. I love that the posting hole is large enough to post most cards that you would have already made, so it can be used for motor speech drills, articulation therapy, naming, verb cards, the list goes on!

Fisher price laugh and learn mailbox

The bird at the top also sings a little song which the kids love as well.

These are just a few of the resources that I love to use in therapy. What are your favourites???

Sarah Scuderi – Speech Language Pathologist – CHI.L.D. Association



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