Man’s Best Friend – Autism Support Dogs

At LET’S TALK Developmental Hub, we now have two families  who have a much loved Autism Dog to help their children. We have regular visits from Rocco and Ronnie.

Although each and every autistic child is unique, many exhibit behaviors that lead to social isolation both within the family and with other people, mobility issues and a basic lack of awareness of danger in everyday situations.

For parents and family members, this results in highly stressful daily life and an inability to function normally in social situations. In addition, there are genuine issues of safety with many children displaying a tendency to bolt in open spaces.

How do autism support dogs help children?

The benefits of having an autism support dog are different for every child because each child is unique.

Autism support dog

Some of the benefits that can be experienced are:

  1. Increased safety for the child
  2. Better control of the child by commanding the dog
  3. Passively teaches the child responsibility
  4. Positive changes in behavior, lowers aggression/frustration levels with the child
  5. Child is comforted by the dog when he/she is upset

An autism support dog can improve the child’s ability to participate in education, social and leisure activities because the canine reduces the stress associated with interacting with other people and getting involved in social situations.

We love our visits with the children and their very special companions. I may soon have to provide a bowl of water!!!


Nicole Graham – Administration Officer – LET’S TALK Developmental Hub

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