Let’s Learn

As Let’s Learn enters its sixth week, we continue to be amazed and impressed at the progress the children are making. For many of them, this is the first time they have participated in a structured learning environment. For the first time, they are being faced with new challenges such as sitting and attending to adult-led tasks, and participating in group activities. While these are skills which many children pick up quickly and easily once they enter formal schooling, for some children, such skills do not come as naturally. School readiness programs such as Let’s Learn serve as the perfect introduction to the expectations of formal schooling, with opportunities to become familiar with such expectations in a safe and supportive environment. As the first Let’s Learn of 2012, our children are learning about the daily routine and making impressive gains in their ability to follow the group structure. While some tasks, particularly desk-top fine motor activities such as colouring, cutting, and gluing, still prove quite a challenge, many others are becoming increasingly easy. Story time is a favourite, and the children show a keen interest in both traditional books and stories on the iPad. Other favourite activities include the obstacle course (we have been very impressed by some of the gross motor skills shown!) and music time. It’s not all work though – children have the opportunity for some down-time after lunch; however, even during play, they are learning the importance of sharing and turn-taking, and are starting to learn that playing together can be more fun than playing alone.

As Term 2 comes to an end, so too does our first Let’s Learn group for 2012. However, we have plans to run Let’s Learn again in Term 3 and 4, so if you or anyone you know has concerns about your child’s readiness for Prep in 2013, give us a call!

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