Guess Who’s Going to School???

Here at TGS we have school for parents – every Thursday afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30 in the Library.

These sessions are classes on signing Paget Gorman Signed Speech given by our Speech Pathologist Anne McSweeney and talks by special guests. They alternate weekly. Both Andrea and Anne co-ordinate what happens in the program.


These Parent Education Sessions focussing on PGSS have been ongoing for years. What commenced in 2012 was an extension of this to also include the whole school parent body in signing and discussion of interest and group based learning.


To assist us with our planning and ensuring quality education for parents a survey was completed. Overwhelming support has always indicated Speech and Language development was a popular topic but the presentations by other specialists were very well received.

So, in 2012 we again sent out another survey.  We hope that it gives us further food for thought regarding what our whole school parent body want to know more about.

It was so exciting last year when we watched the parents of our EC students participate alongside their children signing the Christmas song at the whole School Assembly. The parents were nervous but they did such a good job. They practiced as a group in their own time. Well done everyone!!



TGS parents and families are the lucky beneficiaries of funding through Playgroup Association Queensland to be part of MyTime – a program supporting parents of children with disabilities. Parents can choose topics and activities to engage in or discuss. This will be a great highlight for all our deserving parents and carers. Hopefully this will help to make their journey a little easier. We look forward with anticipation and excitement of what we might get up to !!!!!


Parents can access the weekly education schedule in the Newsletter and on the Noticeboard at the school entrance or by speaking to their Level Co-ordinator. Some sessions may be videoed and available for viewing on request to assist our working parents.

We would love anyone from our parent/carer community to feel free to come and be inspired. The more the merrier as we get up to some lively discussion. Look forward to seeing you there.

Andrea O’Brien – Occupational Therapist- and Anne McSweeney – Speech Language Pathologist – The Glenleighden School


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