Please make use the Outreach Team’s social bookmarking site – Delicious – which can be accessed via cut and paste into your web browser.  The site is dedicated to providing easy access to websites that contain useful resources for students with language difficulties, and their families and teachers.

There are some great resources on the net, many free.  Our bookmarking site has tagged sites around the topic areas of – autism, language, numeracy, literacy, behaviour, sensory, handwriting, dyslexia, mental health.  There are also lots of great IPad apps tagged also.

The ‘School OT’ site for example which is tagged has heaps of great information about fine motor skills, handwriting and sensory issues in the classroom, all useful info for teachers and therapists.  Check it out at –

Also, see the Super Duper website ( which has 100’s of useful handouts about issues such as homework, social skills, autism, speech/language, sensory defensiveness, hearing, giftedness…and the list goes on.

Links to these and lots of other great sites can be found at our Delicious bookmarking site.

Happy reading!

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