Communities in Control: Language Disorders and Funding

At the end of May, our development officer Bruce Grundy attended the Communities in Control Conference in Melbourne.

A summary of the conference from their website: ‘Communities in Control brings together all those who work in, work for or care
about community to focus on our common strengths and nut out ways to shape our
destiny. Delegates were given the opportunity to hear from some of this nation’s
foremost thinkers and speakers – people who were able to give us a head start on
the long view – to learn and reflect, to meet others who care about what they
care about, and to start to plot a way forward’.

During the Question and Answer portion of the conference, Bruce was able to highlight that 1 in 14 children in Australia have a significant Language Disorder and asked about what processes should be put in place to ensure equitable support for all people with disabilities, regardless of their age or disability.

At 42:30 the question and panel discussion can be viewed below:

Communities In Control: Question and Answer

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