Art for kids is not just the fun and games it appears to be!

Art is a wonderful activity which provides a forum for children to –


  • Cross the midline
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Develop visual perceptual skills
  • Explore concepts
  • Learn about and experiment with colour
  • Explore language
  • Develop creativity
  • Self express without language
  • Develop visual-motor integration skills
  • Follow procedural steps
  • Challenge their tactile sensitivities
  • Build self esteem
  • Build confidence
  • Build a sense of mastery
  • Develop skills in a fun, non threatening way


Among many other things!


Art complements all other areas of the curriculum and it’s value should never be underestimated.  It is a great forum for all children, particularly those with language difficulties.  Activities can be fun but need not have a high language component.  There can be a focus on the process as well as the outcome.  The activity can be undertaken in logical steps which helps with following instructions and developing sequencing skills.  All work produced is a success and provides opportunity for positive feedback.  The resulting sense of achievement builds self esteem and confidence!  So, get out those paint brushes, glue sticks, glue pots, collage pictures, butchers paper, crayons, finger paint, stamps and whatever else you can find….and away you go!


And check out this great blog –

Pam McDonald

Occupational Therapist, LET’S TALK Developmental Hub


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