Adjustments for Students with Language Difficulties

The new National Curriculum specifies that adjustments for students with disabilities be made in the areas of curriculum, instructions and environment.

Let’s Talk have devised an adjustment ‘rubric’ which focuses on these 3 areas across the phases of teaching and learning – planning, teaching and assessing.

The Adjustment ‘rubric’ provides a wide range of ideas and suggestions in relation to making adjustments for language impaired students and has been well received by schools who find it a very useful tool for Learning Support and classroom teachers. The Adjustment ‘Rubric’ is also a useful  instrument for the Outreach Team when conducting Professional Development sessions at schools.

Examples of adjustments advocated by the Let’s Talk Team….

Planning Teaching Assessing
Curricular eg. plan for generalisations;  link to individual/IEP goals;  reduce number of subjects
  1. explicit teaching of skills (social, language);  pre-teach vocab;  allow extra time
  2. reduce number/length of assessment tasks;  modify/individualise assessment;  respond orally rather than written
Instructions eg. simplify language;  identify key vocab;  use communication book
  1. cue to attend;  clear, concise, explicit language;  ‘think time, wait time’.
  2. reduce preamble;  high interest, low vocab alternatives;  colour coding;  visual aides
Environment eg. include different environments (camps);  use of equipment such as IPad, laptops;  support transitions
  1. preferential seating;  visual markers on board;  minimise distractions
  2. notetaker/scribe;  oral presentations in front of small audience;  separate area for exams


If any school is interested in PD around making adjustments for students with language difficulties please do not hesitate to contact Let’s Talk on 38919111.

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