About Us

CHI.L.D. is an incorporated voluntary organisation and registered charity whose constitutional charter is to serve the interests of children and young people with childhood language and related disorders through the promotion and provision of essential services. From 1979 the primary activity of CHI.L.D. has been the operation of The Glenleighden School at Fig Tree Pocket. In recent years the Association has expanded services to children in other schools and preschools across the State through its Outreach program. Government funding is necessary to operate both the school and the outreach services.

CHI.L.D. Association was formed in September 1976 to represent the interests of people with serious primary speech and language impairments. Since its foundation the Association has been firmly committed to a policy of both provision and promotion of essential services for children and young persons with these developmental and learning disabilities.

The Glenleighden School was established in 1979 on its present site at Fig Tree Pocket and received its Approved School Status as an independent special school in 1982. The school had its origins in a self help program conducted initially in the home of the Association’s founder President, Mancel Ellis Robinson. From 1977 to 1979, the program was conducted in the Undercroft at Christ Church, St. Lucia. The CHI.L.D. program received no financial assistance from any government source until 1979 and no official acknowledgement of the community need for such a program until a submission to the federal government was successful in achieving a grant through the then Office of Child Care.

In 1994 the CHI.L.D. Association received commonwealth assistance through Non-Schools Organisation to provide support to students in schools across Queensland. From tiny beginnings, the Outreach Program has grown to having a base in Brisbane and in Townsville.  The program is relaunching as School Support Services in 2016 to reflect the increase in services available, both funded and fee for service.

Despite thirty years of service provision with increases in clientele and programs, CHI.L.D. Association continues to require support to improve facilities and resources. CHI.L.D.’s primary allocation of funding is for the provision of quality human resources to ensure the best outcomes possible for all students receiving support through the school and outreach programs.

Not only does the organisation provide innovative school work programs and quality practical programs for tertiary therapy and teaching students, it also provides the context for professional development and research for teachers and therapists in a truly collaborative multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary model of service delivery.