The Association for Childhood Language and Related Disorders (CHI.L.D.)

Helping children to speak…and find their voice.

CHI.L.D. is an incorporated voluntary organisation and registered charity whose constitutional charter is to serve the interests of children and youth with childhood language and related disorders through the promotion and provision of essential services.

CHI.L.D. ensures delivery of its mission through the provision of the following vital services:

The Glenleighden School is the only school in Australia dedicated solely to students with language disorders. The school provides programs for preschool to secondary students with crossover to mainstream.  It provides comprehensive, intensive multi-disciplinary programs which are highly individualised, addressing the full scope of the students’ developmental and learning needs.

The Glenleighden School uses a model of integrated, specialist service and constantly aims to be a ‘centre of excellence’ in this field of disability.

The Let’s Talk Developmental Hub offers multidisciplinary allied health services for children and young people with speech, language and associated disorders. Let’s talk Clinic services, incorporate eTherapy as well as being providers of services under the Helping Children with Autism and Better Start commonwealth early intervention funding.

Let’s Talk also offers a School Support Service and professional development program. The program continues to support students with a language disorder across Queensland to enhance their participation, inclusion and educational outcomes.